Seriously Fun Branding

Branding is serious business. Having fun is the key to its success.

Rebranding can be an overwhelming process. You have invested a lot of time and money into your brand. Realizing you need a change is a difficult first step—Letting go of what you’ve built is even harder.

I’m all about having fun while creating a new brand for your company. Most importantly, I want to make it easy on your company during the process. This is why I offer:

  • Rebranding at a Comfortable Pace
  • One Stop Shop: Strategy + Design
  • One Client at a Time™
Let's Discuss Your Branding Needs

Rebranding at a Comfortable Pace

I understand the importance of not rushing a rebrand. You want to ease into it and not scare your current customers away. Plus, rebranding isn’t cheap! You’ll need to toss out old business cards, create a new sign for the office, change your website, and so on. I feel your pain.

We’ll work together at a pace that’s comfortable for your business.

One-Stop Shop: Strategy + Design

This is a one-stop shop for branding solutions. I stand out from the rest of the branding herd because I offer both strategy and design.

Strategists strategize and designers design. I do both—Great branding requires both sides of the brain: the creative right and the analytical left.

This is why I am known as "The Branding Iron".

One Client at a Time™

You are my #1 priority. I’m not going to juggle several clients at a time and make you wait for a return call. I work with one client on one project at a time. Why? This process has proven to work:

  • faster
  • smoother
  • more efficiently

What does this mean for you?

Let’s look at this unique workflow and find out.

Am I the Right Brand Strategist for Your Company?

It's important that I fit your business needs. Let’s compare your branding expert options.