Branding Expert

Choosing the right branding expert is important.

You’ll want to find someone that will work with you to build a strong and memorable brand identity.

Creating a brand identity is more than just a pretty logo. It’s about developing a strong strategy and brand personality. You want to maintain consistency and build trust with your customers. This will help you to develop long lasting relationships with your customers.

Which expert will help you achieve your goals?

Look at the options below and decide which one works best for your business.

AgencyJurkyBrand StrategistDesigner
Conducts ResearchYesYesYesNo
Builds Brand StrategyYesYesYesNo
Creates a PlanYesYesYesNo
Size of TeamMulti-PersonIndividualIndividualIndividual
CreativeDesign TeamDesignerNo DesignerDesigner
# of AccountsHandles multiple accounts simultaneouslyWorks with One Client at a Time™Handles multiple accounts simultaneouslyHandles multiple accounts simultaneously
In-House RequirementsRequires ManagementSelf-ManagedSelf-ManagedRequires Management

As you can see, I offer the whole branding package: strategy + design, at a competitive rate. The reason I stand out is that I work with One Client at a Time™. What does this mean for your company? Find out the benefits of this unique workflow style.

Need more information to make a decision?

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