Branding: Step by Step

Whether your brand is new or you are considering a rebrand, the branding process is necessary to a successful brand identity.

Steps to a Successful Brand

Step 1 - Research

In order to create a plan for the future, we need to understand your company’s history. Research is a valuable step that builds credibility and strengthens brand identity solutions.

In this step we will analyze:
  • current customers - focus groups, interviews, mystery shopping
  • competitors - who are other brands in your category
  • strengths/weaknesses - how do you compare to other brands
  • brand perceptions - what do others think about your brand
  • current marketing - brand identity, communication, content, brand voice

Together we will experience the brand from the customer’s perspective.

Step 2 - Strategy

Based on the research, I will develop a:

  • Brand strategy - define brand and position in the market
  • Brand brief - vision, mission, target audience, competitors, competitive advantage
  • Creative brief - road map for creative solutions once brand brief has been approved
  • Step 3 - Identity

    I will develop several brand identity solutions based on the creative brief. Depending on your business, identity elements may include:

    • Logo design
    • Color pallet
    • Fonts
    • Image styles - photos, illustrations, icons
    • Sounds (if applicable)

    Identity solutions will be presented on a variety of mediums (web, print, banner). One final design will be chosen.

    Keep in Mind: If you have a packaged product, the package design will require a separate design process.

    Step 4 - Implementation

    The new brand identity has been approved! Now the design must be implemented on all marketing collateral. We’ll make a list of every item that will need updating (starting with the most visible items first). Items such as these would be:

    Website • Office Sign • Email Signature • Business Cards • Letterhead/Stationery • Uniforms • Vehicles • Promotional Items

    Step 5 - Launch

    Now that the brand elements are complete, we will determine the best solution for announcing the change (rebrand only).

    First we will conduct an internal launch to test out materials. Then we’ll share with stakeholders and lastly push out to the rest of the public.

    Step 6 - Maintaining New Identity

    A brand standards guide will be provided to your business. This guide will describe all of the your branding elements and how they should be used across all marketing materials. It will be a handy tool to help you maintain branding consistency.

    Each Step in The Process is Important

    It is important to accomplish every step in the branding process. Don’t risk long-term success by eliminating necessary steps.

    How long will the process take?

    The length of time depends on:

    • Size of organization
    • # of products
    • # of markets
    • Research required
    • Decision-making process

    We will work at a comfortable pace to get your through the process.

    When will I notice results?

    Branding takes time and the results are different for each organization. Some companies will review results as early as six months to a year.

    Let's Start The Process

    When you are ready to build a new identity contact me and let’s talk about your branding needs.